Information for Participants


Welcome to all participants.

This is to be informed that first and last day of C2D10 (9th April and 11th April respectively) is scheduled at Teen Murti Bhavan. The venue of second day of the on-site phase of C2D (10th April) is SAA(School of Art and Aesthetics) Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU).On 10th April, you would be taken to JNU on buses and will be dropped back to Vishva yuva kendra(VYK).

Breakfast will be served at Vishva Yuva Kendra and lunch and dinner at conference venue.


At Vishva Yuva Kendra (VYK)

1.Register yourself at registration counter and take kit-bag,T-shirts and room keys.
2.Breakfast will be delivered at between 7-8 am. Make sure you donĀ“t skip it.
3.Participants will be responsible for their own luggage and valuables.
6.Please do not create inconvenience to your fellow room partners.
7.Use of Alcohol and Addictive substances are prohibited.
8.Please inform whether you have any special medical needs.
9.Make sure you charge your laptops everyday before reaching the conference venue.

At Conference Venue

1.Mark your attendance at Registration counter.
2.The use of mobile/cell phones is prohibited in any session. Any delegate/participant whose phone is switched on and who disturbs any of the sessions will be asked to leave immediately.
3.Recharge your laptop whenever required at designated charging points.Please be polite and considerate with somebody who has a drained battery and frantically looking for a point.
4.Respective Badges will be issued on registration and must be worn at ALL TIMES within the Conference Hall.