About Connect to Decode 2010

The "Open Source Drug Discovery" http://www.osdd.net/ project envisages the sourcing of geographically separated scientific manpower and resources towards collectively solving the problem of drug discovery against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and is mentored directly by Prof. Samir Brahmachari, the Director General of CSIR.

The project is presently building an infrastructure of federated resources consisting of analytical instruments, computational resources and personnel distributed across the country. It seeks to bridge the unequal distribution of resources required for science and education by connecting resource-rich CSIR laboratories and central universities with participants students and research personnel from smaller less equipped institutions. OSDD seeks to fund 30 research facilities in universities/colleges and interface them to experts with existing laboratories. This massive initiative is to further the understanding of the biology of the causative organism of Tuberculosis, tuberculosis, Mycobacteriumfocussed on identifying a cure. The community of users for the OSDD project is now over 2000 persons.

"CONNECT to DECODE" (C2D) http://c2d.osdd.net/ is an open, collaborative, large scale effort to comprehensively annotate the whole genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This research program aims to understand this pathogenic bacteria by involving young and bright minds from all across the globe, are working on projects to annotate the tuberculosis genome scheduled to complete at the end of March, 2010. These participants are distributed over colleges across the country.
The projects have been centered around the following themes :-

-> Pathway/Interactome Annotation
-> Gene Ontology Annotation
-> Protein structure/Fold Annotation
-> Glycomics of Mtb
-> Immunome of Mtb